Hatch Workshop is an affiliation of friends who enjoy all that is thoughtful and well-crafted. Our work is inspired by people we've met and things we've seen/found. 

By combining our love of traditional wood joinery, old machinery and dumpster diving we are able to produce furniture and installations that are durable, resourceful and comfortable.

All of our work is collaboratively designed and built in our workshop at 641 Tillery in Austin, Texas. 


Andrew Danziger- Owner, Founder, Project Manager

Spencer Cook- Lead Designer

Nick Griffin- Lead Fabricator

Alex Neiheisel- Craftsman

TAFT Mashburn- Apprentice Craftsman

John Trujilo- Apprentice Craftsman

Previous Collaborators

Nick Schnitzer, Ann Armstrong, Pete Dahlberg, Hannah Kenah, Nicolas Rivard, Allen Solomon, Mark Schiff


The Crew

Andrew Danziger

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Education: BS Architectural Studies with a minor in African American Studies, University of Texas at Austin 2009

Woodworking with Mark Macek 2008-2010

With HATCH since: August 2010

Role at HATCH: Founder, Accounts Manager, Designer, Craftsperson 

First Memorable Creation:  Multi-room Domino Rally

Occupation outside of HATCH: Ghetto Dreamin'

Favorite tool when stuck on a deserted isle: Over-sized maul

Favorite tool when stuck on a Tokyo skyscraper: Channel-locks, blue handle

Favorite tool when stuck at the shop on a Sunday: Bosch power-plane

Favorite object: Ceramic paella pot

Favorite Artists: Andrea ZittelJaclyn Pryor, James TurrellNick Griffin, Matthias Pliessnig

Trajectory: Live a life of learning and sharing with kind people.

Website: redswingproject.org


Nick Griffin

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Education: high school, then college, then life, then back to college, then again to life. 

With HATCH since: November 2012

Role at HATCH: machine technician/woodworker guy

First memorable creation:  2nd grade drawing of Shredder from the ninja turtles 

Occupation outside of HATCH: yeah right, like I'd do other stuff. I watch the earth do its thing on all the things I've done. 

Favorite Tool: steep angled, low volume shovel. 

Favorite Object: a stack of paintings, each facing the wall. 

Favorite material: dirt

Favorite artist: Agnus Marten

Trajectory: Convert skills into assets and invest in long term self-sustainability. 


Spencer Cook

Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas

Education: Bachelors of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin, 2010

With HATCH since: August 2013

Role at HATCH: designer, book keeper, draftsman

First memorable creation: notebooks full of unrealized inventions

Occupation outside of HATCH: artist

Favorite tool when stuck on a deserted isle: phone (satellite)

Favorite tool when stuck on a Tokyo skyscraper: phone (cell)

Favorite tool when stuck at the shop on a Sunday:  book

Favorite object: good, cheap ballpoint pens

Favorite artists: Mike Kelley, Wangetchi Mutu, Paul Thek, me

Trajectory: Though the scales and skills involved will change, I'd simply like to continue designing and making art. 

Favorite thing about HATCH: Like Ann, I think the greatest thing about Hatch is the potential. Our flexibility, skill set, and shared values make Hatch a great place to work.

Website: scook.info


Jake Crane

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Education: Dog

With HATCH since: June 2013

Role at HATCH: secondary spiritual adviser, guard/greeter, stress reliever, receiver of excess affection

Occupation outside of HATCH: lake swimmer, food eater, ecstatic vehicle passenger 

Favorite tool when stuck on a deserted isle: mouth

Favorite tool when stuck on a Tokyo skyscraper: mouth

Favorite tool when stuck at shop on a Sunday : humans

Favorite object: Andrew Danziger

Trajectory: Accept further affection, food

Website: www.hatchworkshop.com