Since 2010, we've helped businesses, organizations, and individuals transform spaces with custom furniture. With our knowledge of planning and construction costs, we offer clients realistic solutions to their big ideas. 


Our services:

Consultation / Planning

Our best work happens when we're involved with a project from the very beginning. We will figure out how to realize your concept in the most efficient, durable, and impactful way possible.

Design / Communication

Once we've established a clear set of project goals, we'll present drawings and 3D visualizations for your review. Our design and drafting department is capable of producing all of the documents your project will require.

Project Management

Our fabricator


Fabrication / Installation

Our fabrication team is a highly skilled group of craftspeople with years of experience. 


From fallen tree to finished product, napkin sketch to installation, we're with you.


Our training in architecture, design, and fabrication ensures that your project always gets the proper attention. We'll understand your vision, draw up the possibilities, and construct what works best. Our clients save money because we're there every step of the way, addressing problems as they arise. 

Hatch's shop is centrally located and equipped to handle any job. We work with steel, wood, and locally sourced urban timber. We're comfortable with all fabrication techniques, from CNC milling to traditional hardwood joinery. Our sawmill and on-site lumber kiln allow us to sustainably produce work using trees native to our region.

Featured Projects: